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jnb nivas Schools & Hostels Login @ Jnbnivas.Apcfss.In jnb nivas is a government of India scholarship program. The Jnana Bhumi Scholarship Program aims at providing educational assistance to meritorious students from economically weaker sections and backward regions.

jnb nivas Schools & Hostels Login @ Jnbnivas.Apcfss.In

jnanabhumi (jnb nivas)

jnb nivas is a scholarship programme for students from A.P. residential schools who are pursuing engineering courses at the undergraduate level or postgraduate degree level with a duration of two years or more.

The scholarships are offered to A.P. residential school students who have secured admission in any of the colleges/universities in jnb nivas Rajasthan state with valid marks under the guidance of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Rajasthan and they should be pursuing their studies at any college/university in Rajasthan State / UGC recognized university outside India (except Andaman & Nicobar Islands) .

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Eligibility Criteria for (jnb nivas )Jnana Bhumi Scholarship Programme

The eligibility criteria for the Jnana Bhumi Scholarship Programme is as follows:

  • jnb nivas The candidate must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The candidate must be a graduate, who has completed his/her graduation in any stream from any recognized university or institution with at least 50% marks (45% for SC/ST candidates).

Application Procedure for jnb nivas 2023

The application procedure for jnb nivas Scholarships 2023 is as follows:

  • Download the application form from our website. jnb nivas You can also download it from this link: [link]
  • Fill up the form correctly and attach all necessary documents mentioned in that. Be sure to upload scanned copies of your passport, mark sheet and any other relevant documents required by us. There is no need to send original certificates at this stage; however, we request you not to submit anything fake or forged as it will lead us into trouble later on!
  • Pay Rs 100/- through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/CASH (if applicable). If you don’t have enough money with you then kindly contact us immediately so that we can arrange for payment through cheque or cash card etcetera according to your convenience.* Print out a copy of your filled-in form after submitting it online along with payment details; keep this hardcopy safe because once this process ends successfully then only then will we release information about admissions test date etcetera

How to Apply for jnb nivas Scholarships ?

Jnb Nivas


The process of applying for jnb nivas scholarships is very simple and easy. You just have to fill up the online form with all required details and submit it online. After successful submission of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement message from us informing about your application status in our system. If you need any further assistance or clarification regarding this process, then feel free to contact our team at any time using the chat facility available on our website or contact number mentioned below:

jnanabhumi login (jnb nivas )

To login to the website, jnb nivas you need to enter your personal details.

jnb nivas

  • User Name: Enter your user name here.
  • Password: Enter the password for the user name that you just entered above.
  • Confirm Your Password: This is a confirmation box where you will be asked if it’s correct or not before entering back into the system so that it can be used every time when logging on from now on until further notice!

how to check application status of jnb nivas scholarship,

  • jnb nivas Check the application status of Jnana Bhumi Scholarship.
  • You can check the application status of Jnana Bhumi Scholarship 2023, 2020 and 2019 by logging into the website using your username and password.


jnb nivas Jnana Bhumi Scholarship Programme is one of the best scholarship programs in India. The Jnana Bhumi Scholarships are available for students belonging to SC/ST, OBC and DA categories who want to pursue engineering or medical courses. The scholarships cover tuition fees, boarding and lodging as well as other living expenses such as transportation etc. So if you are looking forward to pursuing higher education then this program can help you out with it!


jnb nivas kurnoo

Jnbnivas.Apcfss.In is a best online scholarship platform for students and parents. jnb nivas This website has been created by Jnanamrita Foundation, which aims at providing financial assistance to deserving students through its scholarship scheme every year.

This website helps you to apply for these scholarships by providing all the necessary details like eligibility criteria and other related information required while applying for them on our portal. If you are looking forward to apply for any of these government-sponsored schemes such as SBI Scholarship Program or University Grants Commission (UGC) Advance Study Support Scheme etc., then this article will guide you through each step involved in filling up the form correctly so that it can be processed smoothly without any mistake whatsoever!

jnanabhumi student list

Jnb nivas is a web portal where you can access the list of jnana bhumi students. You can log in and view the details of all your candidates, including their names, addresses and registration status.

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a.p. residential school

A.P. Residential School is a residential school for students from classes 4th to 12th. It is located in Kurnool district, Karnataka and it is a government-owned and managed institute of higher education.

This school has been established with the aim of providing quality education to its students through its well-equipped infrastructure, student friendly environment and competent faculty members who are well trained in teaching different subjects like mathematics, physics etc., which makes them able to provide excellent learning experience to the students as well as parents who send their wards here for higher studies after completing their primary schooling at home or other such institutions nearby.

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